Sunday, November 17, 2013

Kona - Harriett Anderson - Weekly Checkin

Back on track this week.  I lost 1 lb but that is after a gain of 5 lbs the week and a half before.  Walking, Swimming and catching a lot of softball pitching has helped immensely.  I feel soooo much better mentally and physically.

I also got a real boost also tonight.  I just watched the NBC coverage of the Kona Ironman.  I love watching the last 2 hours of the finish line coverage.  This year I teared up at several of them.  The dad who lost a daughter at Sandy Hook and his positive attitude on life along with watching Harriett Anderson (77 years old) finish 21st Ironman. Yes you read that correctly 21!

I am spurred on to push myself on to the next phase of my training.  I will be doing the St. Paddy's Day Run in Bartlesville with a goal of sub 45 min.  I will also complete the Woolaroc Run this year and the Tulsa Tri Clubs Sprint Triathlon.  I can't wait for these events.
Thank you Harriett for the extra Motivation!!!!!!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Wagon Threw Me - Weekly Check In November 9, 2013

I know, I know I did not post last week.  The last two weeks have kicked my butt.  Between illness (Family and Myself), school meetings and kids.  I have not just fallen off the wagon, I jumped with both feet.  Stress induced comfort food along with poor time management causing some missed workouts have combined to trigger a minor set back in my journey.  Good news thought my enthusiasm is back, never waned really.  I finished this week up strong with a good swim and some racquetball with friends and actually felt very strong so the break from working out may have done me some good and allowed my body to recover some.  I will, however, recommit to better food choices this week. I cannot gain four pounds in two weeks very often or knowing myself, the enthusiasm will begin to wane.

The good news this week is that my older daughter is well on her way to raising the necessary funds for her trip to Washington DC.  She is a cookie dough and candy selling fool!!! Which helped contribute to my poor choices.  Those fundraiser candy bars are just sooooo good.  The Younger Daughter just had a tryout with Oklahoma Bedlam Softball 10U team last Saturday and has been invited to play with them this spring.  We met her new coach yesterday so she could watch her pitch and practices will begin soon.  I am hoping this will turn into built in workout time for dad.  If not the time management thing will have to get mucho better.

I will update my chart next week.  I have been swimming some and walking a little, but I will hopefully get back into the 4 to 5 workouts a week.  I need that to feel good these day.

Stay strong my friends and maintain your ENTHUSIASM!!!!