Sunday, January 19, 2014

Have a Plan

Sick Burn!   Then the next day! Sicker Burn!  These are the words from one of my MyFitnessPal friends after seeing my results from my Friday and Saturday swims, and I can't say I disagree. The YMCA has begun a Master's Swim.  Currently it is just a glorified lap swim with a workout posted to follow if you so choose.  Eventually they hope to have a coach and possibly a team.  Here is the workout from yesterday.

Yes that is 1 and 1/2 miles in the water.  That's like swimming from my house to my daughter school and back then back to school.  MyRunKeeper said I burned 2000+ calories (I believe they are generous, but that is still a lot).  Since following this program the last two weeks I have lost 4 lbs. I feel stronger, much stronger.  The workouts keep my body guessing as to what is coming, they keep me from getting bored with "Just going to swim." Most importantly I have a plan to follow.  When I am in the heat of the moment, I don't have to think; I just have to do!  Because of this I have seen more improvement in my swimming.  

I see this in other parts of my life.  The days of teaching were my planning is stronger is a stronger day of teaching.  The financial goals that I have a plan for and stick to the plan tend to be more successful.  So I am going to have to develop  a more detailed eating plan.  The last three weeks I have done well with me eating, but I know if I develop a plan and follow it, my goals will be achieved more efficiently.  

Therefore my goal for the next 4 weeks is to enter my MyFitnessPal food for the upcoming day prior to going to bed the night before.  I will then eat only what is entered staying within the 1800 - 2000 calorie range with up to 500 calories off plan available.  If I have used my 500 calories for the day I will  forgo the extra.  That way when I am in the heat of the moment I don't have to think, just do!

Where do you need a plan to go on auto pilot.  I challenge you to plan your week this week.  

Here is my Week
                             This Week                       Since Jan 2013
Swimming:               3.5 mi                               54 miles
Walking:                     0                                   128 miles   
Cycling:                      0                                   196 miles

Totals                        3.5 mi                            380.5 miles 

Weight Lost                2 lbs                                  65 lbs

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Live More - Check in


Two things sparked contemplation on my part this week.  First, We watched Randy Pausch's "Last Lecture" in my 8th grade elective course and I got my new Triathlete Magazine.  For those who don't know Randy Pausch was a professor at Carnegie Mellon who was asked to present at the University's lecture series called The Last Lecture, where professors were to work on the premise "What would you say to your students if you new it would be your last lecture."  In Randy's case this premise hit a little closer to home.  Had just been given the news that he had Pancreatic cancer with a prognosis of 3 to 6 months to live.  In his "lecture" he discussed how he fulfilled his childhood dreams and the importance of helping others do the same as well as life lessons learned.  He said everyone should have fun, work to knock down or go around the walls in our life.  We should find mentors and support and tell the truth and be willing to hear it.  You have to decide. Will you be an Eeyore or will you be a Tigger.  I was struck by Randy's attitude for life, an attitude I once held and have let slip over the last few years.  On this journey, I am now coming closer and closer to returning to this attitude of living.  This attitude was distilled in the article of my Triathlete Magazine, where the editor was running an offroad race in Hawaii.  It was an Xterra race, where the series motto is "Live More!" This motto along with Randy's Lecture really got my wheels turning.  I have decided to be a Tigger!

So my New Years resolution is to Live More!  I will put down the cell phone and remote and be focused on my girls.  I will push my self harder in workouts to reach health goals more quickly and I will use food as fuel more than pleasure which will not only add years to my life, but life to my years.  I will Live More:  I will have More Fun!  I will have More Adventures!  I will have More Love!  I will Give More!  I will Try More!  And my sincere wish is that you will join me!

To that End I had a good week!

Lost: 1 pound  Total Down:  63 #
Swim:  2.3 miles
Walk:  4.3 miles
Total:  6.6 miles
Total Miles Journey: 358 miles

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 A Look Back - Look Out 2014

I know, I know, post like these should come on the last day of the year, and today's post should look into the future, but I would sick yesterday.

2013, Wow! This was a great year.  I feel better about myself and life than I have is many years.  Thanks to Health Choice offering the Weight Loss Surgery pilot I am now on a great non-surgical journey.  I have lost a total of 68# this year.  I exercised a lot this summer and consistently this fall.  I finished the Tulsa Run 5k meeting my goal of a sub 50 minute finish. If I can do that again this year and next I will be very close to what I would consider myself at a good Ironman weight.

I am now teaching my favorite subject at a great school with great students and an awesome administrative staff and fellow teachers, including my awesome wife. The oldest daughter also attends this school.  I also have dropped my daily commute from 70 minutes a day to 16 minutes a day.  Hello work out time!!!

My Goals for this year are to complete the Woolaroc Run (8K) and if I can handle an upright bike the Owasso Sprint Triathlon.  This year I am putting more emphasis on the food.  I am starting by limiting my sugar and increase fruit and vegetable consumption.  I am going to be phasing out diet soda.  Cold turkey just hurt too much.  Hopefully I will be diet soda free by spring break.  I my big goal this year is to track everything that goes into my mouth.  Looking back on this year, the times I did the best were the times I was tracking religiously.  It is the one thing that I think makes the biggest difference for me.  Knowing I ate a little too much, makes me stay on the bike longer or swim a few extra laps.  2014 is going to rock!!!!!

My wife is making her dreams happen.  She has had two books published (and another with the editor and the last one is about 1/3 done) with Buzz Books, USA, three stories published in Chicken Soup for the Soul, writes monthly articles for Metro Family News, and biweekly articles for the Examiner Enterprise and is a regular guest on Fox23 Great Day Green Country.  On top of all of that she was co-producer of Listen To Your Mother - OKC, and btw I was a mother this year at Listen To Your Mother - NWA as well.

The older daughter has work extremely hard and will be taking a trip to Washington DC for Spring Break.  She is in the Orchestra at school playing the Cello.  Is making straight A's  and is really becoming quite the writer and artist as well.  She has submitted a few stories to Chicken Soup as well some that we thought were better than Heather's submissions that were chosen.  Just goes to show you how fickled the  publishing world can be.  2013 also saw the older daughter win her first golf trophy.  She placed 2nd in her age division at the city golf tournament. If I kept track correctly she actually tied for 1st.  She got to practice with the golf team last year, but will actually get to go to tournaments this year, and while at NWA LPGA tournament she got a glove from her fav golfer Kristina Kim.

The younger daughter this year was invited to be a part of the Duke University Talent search. Probably because she only missed 2 questions on her state math test.  She was also in beast mode this year. She completed her 5k with the Girls Rock and Run program and completed the Fit Kids Triathlon in Owasso.  She played up on 4th grade basketball team and then played 10U softball this year.  Started pitching a little and is now pitching a lot because she will be playing for the Oklahoma Bedlam in 2014.

So as you can see 2013 was an awesome year for the Davises.  We can't wait to see what 2014 has in store for us!!!!!