Sunday, November 17, 2013

Kona - Harriett Anderson - Weekly Checkin

Back on track this week.  I lost 1 lb but that is after a gain of 5 lbs the week and a half before.  Walking, Swimming and catching a lot of softball pitching has helped immensely.  I feel soooo much better mentally and physically.

I also got a real boost also tonight.  I just watched the NBC coverage of the Kona Ironman.  I love watching the last 2 hours of the finish line coverage.  This year I teared up at several of them.  The dad who lost a daughter at Sandy Hook and his positive attitude on life along with watching Harriett Anderson (77 years old) finish 21st Ironman. Yes you read that correctly 21!

I am spurred on to push myself on to the next phase of my training.  I will be doing the St. Paddy's Day Run in Bartlesville with a goal of sub 45 min.  I will also complete the Woolaroc Run this year and the Tulsa Tri Clubs Sprint Triathlon.  I can't wait for these events.
Thank you Harriett for the extra Motivation!!!!!!

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