Monday, December 16, 2013

Attitude and Effort - Attitude and Effort - Attitude and Effort

There is a quote that I may have even mentioned here before that I tell my students all the time:

"The only thing that you can truly control in your life is your Attitude and your Effort."


I say unknown but I think that was a Brian Davis original.  It may not be, but I have been saying to so long that I claim it now.  It has been my mantra today.  I have not been doing a good job controlling either of these.  I have not been consistently tracking my food intake, therefore I am sure I have overeaten.  I know this because I have gained weight this past month.  Too Much Weight!  I have not exercised consistently.  I know this because I feel like crap.

In the past this is where I would have thrown my hands up and said, "It's Too Hard!" or "I just don't have time! or "I'm too tired." or "I'll never be able to do this!", but now, now I have a steely resolve.  I have you to whom I am accountable.  I will persevere this time.  I will never go back. This morning I got up and swam before school.  I ate a healthy breakfast.  I have track my food today to the bite and for me this is the key I am finding out.(My preferred tracking method is MyFitnessPal) I have had more than half of my water intake for the day, and I already feel better.  Mentally! and Physically!  I will vow to keep this up throughout the next 24 hour, the next day and this week and this Year and next year and every year beyond that.  I will succeed!

I will control my ATTITUDE and my EFFORT!

My Runkeeper messed up this week so no knew stats!  I think i have it figured out.   I am currently 65 pounds down from my heaviest known weight as of this week.


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